Is Japan drilling to the centre of the Earth? Why is McDonald’s letting you apply for jobs over Snapchat? Is it too late for the Great barrier Reef? Find the answers to these questions and more with 10 News Stories You Missed this week…

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  1. Over 99% of all spices that have been on earth are now extinct, so the Great Barrier Reef dying off is going to happen at some point in time.

  2. Drilling a hole into the Earths Mantel is the perfect way to fuck up the Earth. The deeper they drill, the higher chance of it fucking up and probably exploding lol.

  3. Italian Govt: Uber is more efficient, lower cost and provides the average person an easy entry into Self-employment — OUTLAW IT!!

  4. The robots are a bad idea. Nah they’re not gonna take over the world.
    Probably gonna fall on top of some kids because humanoid robots always suck at walking.

    Ya I saw those cuts in that Boston Dynamics Atlas video.

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