When the odds are against you, do you just give up and hope for the best or do you try and put up a fight? Your answer determines whether or not you’re a survivor, whether you’d be able to endure when the odds are against you. The following three tales follow people that shouldn’t have persevered. Did they really look death in the face and, against all odds, pull through? Or, did we spin these stories up for your entertainment? It’s time to find out whether you can decide what’s fact.. or fiction.

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  1. I knew the 2nd one was real because I remember it in the news, but that first one was NUTS.

  2. Hello! I am going to sleep, when I come back can I have 3+ subs?

  3. Brain has ruined these for me 😐
    It doesn’t try to decipher which seems more truthful.
    It tries to figure out a pattern in writing style and pick out which one seems like it was written by this channel.

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