It streaks across the sky menacingly, brightening the darkness that surrounds you. Lightning can be a dangerous force of nature, an electrifying bolt that can seriously ruin someone’s day. In fact, I have for you three impossible stories of lightning that may have you cowering the next time those darkened skies come rolling in. Then again, they may be creations of my own imagination, intended on testing your ability to see the difference between fact.. and fiction.

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    • 2 out of 3. The 2nd story was the one that kept me away from my first 3 out of 3… but maybe next time! 😉

  1. Your bell is broken. It’s one day later and I still haven’t gotten a notification of a new Fact or Fiction. Good that I checked myself.

  2. Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction was one of my favorite shows and had exactly the same format

    • Carol Willis Glad our series brings back those memories! That show inspired us to make these.. 🙂

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