Do you have what it takes? If you were thrust into a scenario, one where perils threaten you from every direction, could you make it out alive? Not everybody can say “yes” with confidence, but the people in the following stories cannot only answer in the affirmative, they have the experience to prove it. The question we leave you with is which of these harrowing tales are true and which spawned from our own imaginations?

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    • Top 10 Archive. I got the first one correct and I refuse to discuss the other two. Never mind, great video, thank you.

    • Only one correct, but I just love watching these! The real stories are so interesting, many of which I first hear them in your videos, and the ones that are fiction have such a fascinating structure!

  1. I was just thinking that there hasn’t been a new Fact or Fiction in a while and decided to search for it, maybe I was lucky and a new one has just been uploaded. Turns out I am that lucky.

  2. I got the first one right and the second one right but the third one I thought could’ve easily been true without knowing the statistics of who went down in the Marshall islands.

  3. Ummm. Yes there was. They even made a movie about it. It’s called Kong:Skull Island…..

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