If you like a fright then these terrifying horror movies must be on your to watch list. (If you haven’t seen them already that is)

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  1. It Follows was actually pretty good movie. Some people hate it, some people loved it.

  2. When I thought of horror movies as a little kid, I thought *every single second* had to be scary. I asked my dad (who never really cared what I watched) if I could watch a horror movie. He put a movie on (didn’t really know if it was horror) and stopped watching the first 2 minutes because there was no horror.

  3. Classic horror movies aren’t scary my guy. Scary is the conjuring, it comes at night, sinister or the best is the babadook.

  4. Irreversible just has a brutal rape scene that’s all… yeah it’s pretty messed up but it’s not a horror movie…

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