The deep blue, a cobalt expanse of awe and wonder. Is it a marvel of our own unique world or a dormant terror that breeds nightmares and thrives on peril? That may sound dramatic, but consider the tales of these recreational and professional mariners. Against the odds, they fought against themselves, the ferocity of Mother Nature and the passing of time to return to solid ground.
Or did they?

Can you decide which of these three stories of people lost at sea are true and which were derived from the imagination?

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  1. Were you able to divide fact from fiction? Have an idea for a future topic, or a story you’d like to share to stump your friends? Tell us your stories and we might include them in future episodes!

  2. Man and here I thought the first was the ficional one 😉 Everything in it seemed a little too right 😉 And the second sounded reasonable 🙂 Had little doubts about the last one 🙂 Thank you for the nice excersice 🙂

    • It’s existed on TV a few times that I know of.. There was a show called “Beyond Belief: Fact or Fiction” from 1997-2002 that aired on FOX, and “Truth or Scare” from 2001-2003 on the Discovery Kids Network. I’m pretty sure there were adaptations of the show over in the UK as well, but can’t find the names.. As far as I know, nobody has brought the idea to YouTube yet.. so we did! 😀

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