Can you decide which 3 of these stories are FACT or FICTION!?
Every good amusement park protects its guests with countless safety measures and ride upkeep, but even the best can find itself standing upon blood-soaked dirt. Beneath the boisterous laughter that fills your favorite parks, if you listen close enough, are the echoes of horrific and deadly accidents.
We’re about to take you on an unforgettable ride through the “tunnel of horrors,” but are the stories we’re about to tell real – or are we just sending you through a winding loop of deception?

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    1st one is false! >:O the 2nd one is Real! I remember it happened in one of those Disney parks (not sure if Land or World), she was crushed by the walls! And the last one is true as well. the boy lost his head trying to rescue his cap!

    EDIT: WOOT! :3 Nice try, T10A!

  2. I’m gonna be another comment saying I loved the very similar show that was on TV when I was little, and I absolutely love your take on it!
    This is the first video of yours of this sort that I’ve seen, and I’m really happy to see you have a few more of them on your playlist. I’m really excited to see more episodes like this!! Awesome work!

  3. I thought first was fake the last two real. What can I say I heard a lot of these park accidents so I heard these two before

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