We know death to be the end of this bumpy ride we call life. It’s the one guarantee and one of few things that links everybody in the world to one another. We’re all facing the inevitability of an eternal vast darkness or a higher plane of existence, but what if some of us could beat death? We all face our mortality in our own ways, but the following three stories show that some aren’t willing to let go..
Is there a way to come back from the beyond… or are we spinning fantastical fallacies? Put your perception to the test as you determine whether these stories are a product of fact… or fiction.

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  1. The first 2 are fact, I remember hearing about similar cases. my guess, the 3rd one is Fiction! :3

    HAHA! We’re 2 to 0 now, T10A! >:)

  2. That was an awesome Fact or Fiction!!!… I knew # 1 was true because there was a story like that in the US recently with a stillbirth that came back to life!… ?

    • Connie Hattendorf Thanks Connie! We’ll be doing a lot more of these.. trying for once a week to start!

  3. I remember when the original was on. I watched the show religiously, and sometimes had a good eye when it came to finding the truth. Jim, you are a perfect choice to do this.

  4. (Did anyone else notice the corpse with a boner in the “shot in the head” episode? It is in the morgue sequence, right up front of the shot?)

  5. This is approached as some kind of supernatural, myth like quality now?I would call this stupidity.
    The misdiagnosed baby hadppened long enough ago to be considered a miracle? It is just bad medicine, like the other true one.
    I call this whole episode “STUPID PE/OPLE”.

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