Death seems to be waiting for us around every corner. Take one wrong step, come around one corner a little too quick, and you could be on your way to meet your maker. But not every brush with the Reaper is definite. To explain what I mean, I have three fascinating stories for you of people who claim to have bested death, only to return to the mortal realm with quite the tale.
Then again, they could be my own imaginative creations with no truth to them whatsoever. It’s up to you decide what’s fact, or fiction..

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  1. Even the first one can be true it the circumstances differ, if you enter the tunnel you get what you deserve immediately either light and the feeling of endless happiness or darkness if you are a bad person, but even ending up in the dark place will end sometime.If you are not ready for light or dark you end up at the place where everybody walks around waiting to be born again, but most of the times they wil send you back too your body.

    • But there ain’t no Coup de Ville hiding at the bottom of a Cracker Jack box..

      Haha!! A++ for the Meat Loaf reference!!

  2. This is the kind of drivel sloppy lazy writers resort to when they run out of ideas or real facts. Why not get the Fonze to ski jump over a shark as well. Unsubscribed.

  3. This serie of Fact and Fiction should be a televised series. It is that good and mesmerizing. ( but definitely with Jim as the conductor, it wouldn’t be the same without his distinctive voice ).

    • Thanks Maggie!!! Hopefully that happens one day and we get picked up.. Maybe a Netflix or YouTube Premium Original.. Maybe one day!… :p

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