As a mother or father, should you have an unconditional love for your child? We could debate all day about the natural instinct to love that comes with being a parent, but I have three cases for you that may sway the dialogue. These three subjects aren’t what we’d call the pictures of paternal and maternal care, as their children have fallen victim to their lack of humanity. Or maybe I’m trying to sway the debate and none of these atrocities actually happened. That’s up to you to decide… on fact, or fiction.

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  1. I’ve been missing a ton of videos lately, I had to work over the weekend! I’m way behind on a lot the youtubes! But hopefully this weekend I’ll get a chance! Time for work!

  2. Do more of the underrated youtuber series! I believe a lot more Underrated YouTubers deserve to be on this list! You are doing a great service to youtube helping them grow! Perhaps you could give my channel a look over and hopefully if you enjoy you’d put me in your video that would be absolutely amaze balls!!

  3. To get beat by having your own baby slammed against you… What horrific sight! Not a good subject for me. Thank you for the video but I’ll pass. Lots of love ? looking forward to next time!

  4. Im feeding my 1 month old while watching and he is looking at me so innocently. How could a person hurt a baby…an innocent child? I could never harm my son, he didn’t ask to be here and he only wants my love and affection.

  5. Im totally against violence but all women are cheating heart breakers who can never be fully trusted even if you’re engaged and she swears she was just really drunk an says itll never happen again..

    Or so i hear

  6. Liked and subscribed I like your channel man hope you reach two million✌️✌️

  7. Race month decision throw suppose suppose light possibility fail pull actually code.

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