There’s supposed to be no escape, no alternate ending when the switch is flipped; but sometimes life throws a curveball and spares even the most heinous of people. Death row is intended to be a criminal’s final moments, but there have been those that have escaped their planned death as if to spit in the face of the system that put them there. Sometimes, it’s a temporary escape as the system always gets its way, but these death row survivors are a fascinating breed that have done the impossible.
Or maybe their devious acts are just the makings our own twisted imaginations. It’s time to put yourself to the test and see if you can decide between fact.. or fiction.

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  1. Why’s one of the confederate soldier’s black o.0? I could’ve happen but i’ve never heard of it xD

  2. Finally got a chance to sit down and watch one of these Fact or Fiction vids! x3 Le’see whu’chu got today!

    Number 1 is Fact! Number 2 Fiction and Number 3 is Fiction! (though it sounds similar to a different case!)

    shoot, I was thinking about a different case for the 3rd one! that’s 2/3 for me this time! xD You guys gotten better!

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