Top 10 Scary Things That Will Happen If The Amazon Rainforest Burns Down
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I mean they tell us every day, the world is dying, climate change is going to hurt us, the ice caps are melting and all the polar bears are skinny now. I mean jeez louise can you just let me ignore my problems and continue to consume mindless content like the rest of the world. But no really the world is dying and you should be concerned. You should be in the bean aisle in Costco, stalking up on beans. Its protein in a can baby, once the world goes into big time ,I’m gonna die mode, and everything descendants into a Mad Max area, beans are going to be currency. Now today I’m going to highlight some of the scarier things that might happen with climate change, and the current fire raging in the amazon with today’s list of Top 10 scary things that will happen if the amazon rainforest burns down.

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  1. Climate change is real, but it’s not really climate change it’s the effects of insane weather that was prophesied in the Bible 2,000 years ago the effects of Jesus Christ returning. WAKE UP CLIMATE CHANGE IS JUST AN AGENDA FROM SATANIST

  2. “The world will not be destroyed by those who are evil, but those who stand by and let it happen.”
    – Albert Einstein….

  3. Damn, I wish Donald scumbag Trump was as hellbent on stopping this as he is keeping brown skinned people out of the United States

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