Top 10 Scary Objects From The Future
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Now what do you think future will be like? Do you think were all going live in a VR world like ready player one or do you think it’ll be an apocalypse with every everyone is eating each other like mad max. I kinda wouldn’t mind the mad max world, I would want to know what it would feel like to wear tons of eyeliner without any judgment. Well it doesn’t matter what you think ya Jabornies because nobody knows the future, but we might get a small hint with today’s list of Top 10 Scary Objects From The Future.

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  1. Ok, so here’s what i wanna do in the future… I wanna hang with an A.I. long enough to make the thing have a bomb personality, and also make it smart enough to construct a human body from scratch. Then I’ll one day tell it to just print itself a body. Voila, insta-human.

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