Top 10 Scary Saw Theories
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The Saw franchise is one of the most popular horror movie franchises there is. John Kramer the brains behind all the traps and Jig Saw has been one of the great movie antagonists in history. However, a lot of fans of the franchise have their own theories about the Saw Universe. Here is our Top 10 Scary Saw Theories here on Most Amazing Top 10.

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  1. I own all of them. I follow Jigsaw’s gospel. Some of those fan theories are too far out for me. I enjoy the storyline of the entire franchise. Hope there is another one in the works. Interesting video though!

  2. (back to The Top 10 Scary Toy Stories part 1) i still have a furby (or however you spell it). i lost it in my room when i was 7 years old. im 10 now and whenever i walk into my room i feel like someone is trying to choke me for a second and i feel like someone is watching me. and ever since that whenever i shower i feel like something is watching me and once i went to go get some clothes from my moms room (since im kinda terrified of my room), and i felt like hands were pulling me down and choking me!!! it was scary as heck!

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