Top 10 Scary Minecraft Theories
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It has been crazy how long Minecraft has been king of the games it started out as this small thing with basic graphics and now it has grown into this massive world owned by Microsoft with still basic graphics. It has one of the best communities and I rarely hear anything toxic about the game. Other then the creator Notch is like a racist or something. But hes hiding in a hole somewhere counting his billions and hes not the reason we came here today. We came here to talk about some of the creepy things that are hiding in between the pixels. I have to admit right off the top that I have never played Minecraft, it is a giant gap in my gaming repertoire. So I really had to dig up some stuff from other people to try and throw together today’s list of top 10 scary Minecraft theories.

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  1. I’m not a parent and have never played Minecraft but I did have to try to figure out if it was evil or not before I gave permission to let the after school kids in my child care program play it. Never felt so uncool in my life. I never figured it out and just got permission from parents lol. Had flash backs to Tipper Gore’s campaign against rap music. Far be it from to screw those kids up worse than their parents 😝

  2. I never thought of the sex of the dragon tbh, but it would have to be a female since it lays eggs.

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