Top 10 Scary Future Disasters That Will Happen Soon
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From natural disasters, deadly outbreaks, and devastating attacks on civilizations, Earth might be in a whole lot of trouble. For most of us, we are just so concerned with our day-to-day lives that we become so narrow minded to the possibility that a catastrophic event might wipe out the planet but for others, they are completely prepared with their nuclear fallout shelters and doomsday bunkers. So are they as crazy as we think, or are they onto something here?

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  1. Hm… honestly diseases will f us up no matter what. If no other world ending situation happens, then diseases will.
    Diseases can have vaccines, but not everyone does take them. Then there’s the potential of a mutation which makes the disease immune or resistance towards the vaccines. And then the new diseases that will happen in the future.

  2. It’s not that big of a deal though, I mean if you die from it it would be the same as getting stabbed by a crazy maniac. The end result is the same plus we will all die at some point probably, so the only difference is thame time

  3. Well who cares to be honest? Cause currently I’m more concerned of the fact that anime is literally copying anime now… That’s a much bigger issue, we should focus on that more

  4. I love ur scary, crazy, mysterious, funny, and cool videos. Rebecca, Landon, Ayman, and Che u guys are awesome.

  5. It’s been in the news quite often about how over due the mt. Fuji eruption is. Scientists in the country are pretty on edge about it. I think we all should be.

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