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Top 10 Scary Effects Of Climate Change
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Top 10 Scary Ways You Are Killing The Earth 😱

Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the Internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking about the Top 10 Scary Effects of Climate Change – Annnnd … well…. it is pretty worrying!

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  1. both global warming and climate is an ongoing thing they have pulled core samples from the earth it is filled with times of both happening so is acid rain is another natural happening it happens when there is an Volcanic eruptions as well as the birth of the Industrial age

  2. Climate Change…climate changes and there’s literally nothing we can do about it. We will adapt, new technologies will be created, housing will change, etc. Live a happy life and stop trying to create despair when no one watching will ever be affected. No one. #TheTruth …ice melting? really? we are in a net amount of ice…ice melts and more ice is freezing than is melting…repeat….you are really terrible. “The more ice melts”…you never mentioned how more ice is created…more >.< None of this is important to our everyday lives. Unsubscribing.

  3. There is no wild fire in indonesia. They practice slash n burn farming. It is an annual event for them

  4. I downloaded Bunz but sadly, I’m the only one in my area so I have yet to be able to trade

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