Top 10 Scary Stories That Will Make You Question Reality – Part 5
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HELLO and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet ! I am your host Rebecca JANE FELGATE THE FIRST and today…. Youtube give me strength…. I am talking the Top 10 Scary Stories That Will Make You Question Your Reality Part 5! Yes….5…. I have no idea what reality even is any more… I am just like…cruising through… hoping for the best… that is what the Most Amazing Life will do to you! Let’s cruise through this scary video and maybe if we form a human chain… all 5 million 200 thousand of us…. We can keep a grasp on reality. Probably! Before I get into this video though, let ,me know if you have ever had anything really weird happen to you that has made you question your own existence…. You know… light banter… leave that in the comments box! Check out the links in the description for video sources and also our Most Amazing Instagrams and hit that thumbs up button. This video is peppered with scary stories, scary thought experiments and scary theories just to MESS WITH YOU.

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  1. I have seen everything go black for a millisecond, before it went back to normal. It hasn’t happened once, or twice, but countless times.

  2. Whenever I went to the bathroom In the middle of the night I would have to past the stairs and when I passed the stairs I would always see a tall man wearing all black wearing a black hat but this all stopped about a year ago

  3. I feel like the hosts of the show have been repeating stories from other previously recorded episodes and as a loyal viewer I feel like all content should be new as a fan I feel cheated.

  4. I had this weird memory where I was home but I saw everything in black and white and I went to look outside the window and saw a space ship and I went back to the kitchen and saw a drone outside the window and I started to panic and I duck down and I ran back to the living room and saw the drone again and I tried to take another look outside the window and I saw these 5 cloaked figure standing and staring at me with glowing eyes and they wear speaking or chanting something in a launcher I never heard off and sounded none human. I kept having the same memory flash back for a whole week.

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