Top 10 Scary Tunnels That People Never Returned From
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet. I am your host, Rebecca Felgate and today we are getting deep, dark and mysterious as we wade into the unknown! I am talking the Top 10 Scary Tunnels that people never returned from
QUESTION….do you hold your breath in a tunnel?

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  1. I hold my breath when driving past a cemetery. At a young age my mother used to say “It’s not polite to breathe if front of others who can’t”

  2. yes I will walk in any of them, I have seeing worst things in my life walk in horrible places and still here I am

  3. oh my god I was thinking to myself I hope she does the Hoosac tunnel in North Adams, Mass but then I was thinking yea right there are so many! Wicked fun list. I love creepy tunnels!

  4. Hello guys, I have lots of scary stories. One of them was when I was an army reserve officer, when we were conducting the tactical inspection of our cadets, one of my junior officer told me that there was a girl who got possessed by an entity. They told me that they had just arrived fromthe hospital and that the sedation that they gave her did not work. So I told my juniors to accompany me to their barracks but I told them not to tell me who that girl was. Feeling of dread and a black aura filled the air when I was just in the door. I immediately approached the girl. But her aura was that of an elderly man and an elderly woman. I just told the girl to rest. She smiled weirdly. I went out to check on my other juniors that afternoon. At around 6pm,my juniors told me “Sir, it’s happening.” So we rushed to the barracks of the girl and told the guys to restrain her. She was just roughly around 4 foot 9 but it took 15 guys to restrain her. 15 big guys plus me. I told them to let her lay down in the platform near the black board. The girl’s voice began to change. Like that of an 80 years old woman. I told a junior to give me a lit candle while I was talking to the possessed girl and telling her that I wasn’t afraid and that I would hurt the entity if she or he would hurt the girl. The entity was persistent that they would bring the girl. I told them no. When my junior gave me the lit candle, the fire blew towards me. Take note, I was facing the black board. It was like that the candle was blown by an entity who was inside the board. They lit it up once more and it happened again. The third time, I got into a trans like state. And was like battling the entity(ies). They told me that the possessed girl screamed and passed out. After 2 mins, I got out of my trans. Exhausted. And very thirsty. I immediately texted my father. And he told me while reading my message, he got shivers down his’ spine. To be honest guys, I never know how I got my talent, and I do not know why I managed to do those things that day. Because that was my first time. But I had other weird stories since I was a kid. And would be much willing to tell them to you. I am a huge fan. Thank you guys.

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