Top 10 Scary Animaniacs Theories
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I feel like Animaniacs was the first cartoon that did sketch comedy and did it well. And those are the facts. See the reference just there? Animaniacs and those are the facts. Yes no? Someone appreciate me. Either way I didn’t get to watch a ton of episodes because it ended the year after I was born but I have watched enough. Don’t you worry, so without further ado these are the Top 10 Scary Animaniacs Theories.

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  1. Yes! I loved that show I was about 4 or 3 maybe when it came out. Even my mom would tell my older bros to let me watch it if they were being jerky about it. Have you heard the new countries of the world song?

  2. I saw a cartoon clip that had chicken boo as Robin with the 60s batman, and just to tell you I didn’t really like it.

    Because Robin is my favorite side kick character and just him being like an actual chicken was not funny me, plus the 60s batman was the very first batman I ever saw, I never knew about batman until but dad show me the movie this is also when I first fall into love with Bart ward and Adam west acting.

    Still chicken boo in that little short clip was a horrible Robin and I would just be fine if he was not Robin, no offense to any who knows what I am talking about or liked the short skit.

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