Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told – Part 3
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Is this real life right now, that’s why elevators are terrifying you never know who is in there with you and when the doors close anything could happen. Well how’s it going all you most amazing people welcome back. I am your host for this one Landon Dowlatsingh and make sure to follow me on Instagram I’ve been following a lot of you guys back. Lets see if we can hit 100k followers. If you guys want to be apart of this new series we have going on with scary stories ever told by you guys, please look for this image on my Instagram and tell me a scary story and tell me a scary story in the comment section of this video. All of the stories on this list was told by you guys either on Instagram or YouTube. Next video the stories will only come from Instagram we will keep switching it up. Alright let’s get right into this video this is the top 10 scary stories ever told part 3.

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  1. Ok, so this actually happened to me not that long ago and i don’t know if it was just my imagination or paranormal things so without a further a do here it is: I was sleeping in my mom’s friends son’s bedroom when sudden;y i heard a very loud yet calming voice say “tell me , do you remember me” i was terrified and could not wake up. I then felt my body begin to vibrate and i woke up, but when i looked it was gone. You can believe what you want but i have been paranoid ever since this event.

  2. So every summer my family house sits our aunts house. My aunts family just moved into a new house about 3 years ago. Every night my siblings, mom and I would have weird things happen. We would hear scratching on the basement door. The basement door would open on it’s own. One night I was on the phone with a friend and we both heard a little boy say “hello!” My sister has seen shadows and you always feel like you are being watched.
    About a week ago I talked to my aunt about all this. And she told us that her youngest son will talk to people who aren’t there. And the older daughter is scared of her room.
    She also told us that the previous owners consisted of a family of a wife, husband and 2 teenage daughters. The husband was having an affair and one day the wife found out. She was upset and he I guess was done with her. Because he pushed her down the basement stairs killing her.
    Too say the least I will not be staying there anymore.

  3. The story starts off while I’m sleeping I think I was I having sleep paralysis I said I came in my grandmas room because I was scared got into her bed 20 to 30 minutes past I fell sleep but then it was like almost I woke up but not woke up I was restrained can move you make is I was restrained then I start hearing demonic chanting I tried to scream for help I couldn’t I saw a strange black shadow at the end of my bed Then out of nowhere Grandma came in and said I don’t love you anymore I hate your guts I wish you were dead I tried to say but Grandma I love you but I couldn’t say nothing. Then my other grandma came in with her son her son spit on me and walked away at this point I was tearing up but couldn’t say nothing I was screaming but no noise came out my mouth demonic voice join us and help me destroy war kill your grandparents kill your brother I couldn’t say Nothing still couldn’t move more daemonic chants and woke up with blood all over me and had a big gash on my head and cut on my are still visible so went to my grandma still traumatize can’t say nothing my grandma came to me a everything is going to be all right and I went the bathroom washed the blood off and went back to bed
    I was only 11

  4. When I was young I was very close to my Dad’s parents. Well my Grandfather got very sick and was in the hospital. At the time they didn’t allow children above the lobby so I couldn’t see him. I was very upset because they knew he was dying and I wasn’t going to be able to say goodbye. On the night he passed I woke up to see him smiling down at me. He told me that he loved me and that everything would be okay. After that I felt better. The next morning my parents called us in to tell us that he had passed the night before. When I said that I knew they asked me how. I was able to tell them the time that he had passed because I saw him. They let it go after I told them the story. I don’t believe they knew what to say. To this day I remember as clearly as if it just happened, and it’s been almost 40 years.

  5. The number one store he not need a other blessing. Find different priest for exorcism.

  6. Followed :
    I was going to a client with my boy friend at the time he fixes computers and a guy needed help with his. This was in Sweden and it was out on the countryside, when we arrived we got some lunch and it was a very old property probably the mid 1800’s, the owners told us some stories about the place and they lived in the old staff quarters that belonged to a mansion. After lunch my boyfriend went to check on the computer and i walked through the house, it was added on with a new section, but the old one felt a bit odd and cold and that was weird because this was in the summer. I went up the a set of stairs and when i got up on the top step it was like hitting a wall, it was very heavy and as if someone didn’t want me there, i went to check on my boyfriend and when i came to the end of the hall there was a room with hooks in the ceiling from when you hung animals and meat, when i went to go down again there was something with me walking behind me as if it wanted to check me out, it kept follow me for as long as we were there. After my boyfriend was done we got in the car to go home, in the car i realized it was still with me and and after 30 min we came to a town and it was gone but it was scary because it was the first time that this specific experience and i didn’t know what to do. We spoke to the couple after and they said that the ghost was gone or at least that one, so i guess he just needed a lift to get to his destination. I never saw him but i could feel him and it was not a nice feeling.

  7. heres a sorta scary story. i remember in about the 3rd grade, the house i lived it had some weird stuff happening ever so often. It all started with just my name being wispered in my ear right as i would fall asleep. getting up to check to ask my parents if they called me, the would reply with no. after about a year in that house, i woke up one night to find my tv on and my 64 on with both controllers rolled out. this freaked me out because i just rolled them up before going to bed. The game then began setting up for 2 player race (i had crusin the usa in the console) i remember being very frightful but something made me get out of bed and join playing the game. I can say without a doubt i played Nintendo with a spirit. only reason why i remember it is because my brother remembers me getting in trouble for being out of bed that night.

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