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Top 10 Scary Stories Ever Told – Part 2
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I am your host for this one Landon Do Not Sing and welcome back to another most amazing top 10 video. This is scary stories ever told by you guys so many sure you look for this picture on my Instagram @Landonproductions and tell me a scary story I will pick one so you guys can be featured in a most amazing top 10 video. We want you to become apart of the family. Make sure you guys follow me as well to be chosen. I can try and follow you guys back as well.

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    • Landon…Landon….Landon…If you don’t believe in ghosts… you should look up MindSeedTV then tell me you dont believe. You’re welcome 😁

    • I am soo sorry that I didnt really actually followed your Instagram to tell you my scary story but my mother will not let me download Instagram or Twitter soo I’ll just tell you here


      This happed when I was 4 or 5 this hunted me tile this day when I was 4 or 5 my mother and dad would always fight and like first fight they dont anymore but they use to and one night they Fighted and they went to sleep since we didnt have that much stuff cause we were poor there was on bed soo my dad got to sleep on the ground and I loved my dad soo I slept with him on the ground and I woke up that night cause I heard something outside of the room thank GOODNESS my mother would always lock the room before going to sleep the noise I head like chains dragging on the ground I got creeped out but I also got curious cause come on i was only 5 or 4 anyways I looked underneath the door and I saw feet under the door it was walking around outside of my door i was super quiet I ont know why but I wanted to open the door but I waited for the guy with the chains wrapped around his feet to go and he did

      Day 2

      I went to sleep and I woke up to the same sound I looked at the time it was 3 something and I looked under the door again and this time the feet was facing the door like someone was looking at the door I got scared and went to sleep

      Day 3

      I woke up but I heard a huge noise like someone falling on there feet I woke up my mother and she checked the whole house and she say nother tile this day I wonder what would have happened if I looked underneath the door would I would have saw a face staring back at me or would I have saw nothingi am 12 and
      sounds like chains dragging on the ground will make me scream

  2. okay so when I was like maybe 10 years old I was in bed one night and my bed started shaking. I figured it was just a tremor, because they aren’t uncommon where I live. But then I could feel my bed physically lift off the ground, not far off the ground, but I felt it. At this point I was terrified and hid under the covers. That’s when I heard a strange noise that I could not describe, and felt a weight on top of the bed, on top of me, moving around on top of the covers. I still don’t know what happened that night, or if it was even real at all.

  3. when I was younger I herd the blow dryer growing and I was the only one home (besides my pets [they were a parrot {who was in a cage}, a cat and a dog]. I would also hear knocking but I was allowed to answer the door (6 to 13 when I wisent allowed to when I was alone). The thing is my grandfather also herd the blow dryer going when he came home from work for his brake before he hades out again (school transportation bus driver/aid for the special needs) and he thought my mom was home and she was picked up in between when I left for the bus for school and when he came home. He only told me for my parents would believe him or me and not my sister because she is younger and could get scared. My house was built by my family in 1998 and I was born in the first week of spring in 2001.

  4. That doppelganger story reminded me of my own story.

    When i was a kid, i lived in a very old ancestral house over 100 years old, its built near a road incline thats 30 meters up to a cemetery. Ive always thought that any spirits that have been buried there would go down to our house and live there till they finish what they were meant to do. I leave food for them out every night. I love ghost but i cant see them, my family can. So i just talk to them when im alone, talking to them about current events or say hi.

    When i was a kid, i love doing pranks to my cousins cause they can see and i cant so i asked the house if they wanted to prank my cousins as well. on that day, my cousins have been seeing me everywhere around the house even tho ive only been staying in my room. My cousins told me and i jist silently nodded to them and told them i didnt know what theyre talking about. At night, i laughor giggle in my room to the air or to the house and tell them how funny it was. The house and me had alot of fun on my childhood times.

    The house is no longer standing but the wood from that house is used to make our new one so i still feel that theyre with me.

  5. don’t forget after setting it on fire to put salt all over it and put a piece of iron that will keep you safe okay

  6. When i was younger i lived in a different house than i do now and one of the only things i remember about that house is that i had a friend that was a ghost and the story about him now i forgot his name but i do remember that was both a fireman and a police man in his lifetime and whenever i saw him there were two one policeman and one fireman well when my aunt asked the lady who owned the house (we were renting it) about this ghost i had been seeing she said that it was possibly her son which was both a fireman and a policeman and that he died in that house. Now the only memories i have about that house are faint ones about that man

  7. There was a time I was on a trip with friends in Gettysburg. There was this one day my friends parents gave us money and let us go around town by ourselves. when we were walking back to the hotel, for a ghost tour, we were walking by a middle school and I started to choke. I fell to my knees holding my throat. My friends were calling the 911 and another was hitting my back. I ended up coughing up water. pure water and nothing else. My friends and I were ‘smart’ enough to not bring drinks with us. The one on the phone hung up and we walked the rest of the way to the hotel. Later one the ghost tour we were told that the soldiers with wounds on them were left in a field and they would crawl to a small lake but would die because they fell in. the small lake was right were my friends and I were walking when I choked. We looked at each other and all went pale.

  8. SLOW! DOWN! LANDON! you’re gonna stumble over your words and get breathless if you talk that fast… lol. and that loud…

  9. None of these stories were scary…and it sounds like none of these people typed in proper grammer

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