Top 10 Mysterious UFO Sightings
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What do you guys think about aliens? Are you guys huge believer, do you think that there could be millions of different life forms spread out across the universe? Some that are kind and peaceful and others that are strangely attractive and give you weird feelings. Or do you think that were the only ones who exist in the infinite universe around us? Well either way your going to want to want to check out today’s list of Top 10 mysterious UFO sightings, because it definitely raises some questions.

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  1. there is a lot of weird things in the ocean, 95% of it is unexplored so maybe some divers could find a crashed UFO in the ocean lmao.

  2. So we not gone discuss that 1 sec scene at 7:23 of trump poking someone ? Oh okaay ??‍♀️

  3. When your listening to Hindi real closely, he sounds terrified and you’ve never been in a different video. *coughs* kidnapped

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