Top 10 Mysterious Hidden Tapes That Were Found
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I feel like back in the day lost tapes were actually a big deal, footage was rare. But now everyone has a high powered camera on them at all times so nothing ever gets missed. People even upload incredibly embarrassing videos of themselves onto the internet in hopes for getting a little touch of internet fame. So I had to really dig to find some unsettling, freaky videos for today’s list of top 10 mysterious hidden tapes that were found.

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(tough to watch)

(also tough to watch)


  1. I’ve been on a binge of Most Amazing Top 10 for about 3 months now…not about to stop either 😂

  2. totally unrelated to the video, but am i the only one who thought che looked like mo salah 😂

  3. There is a film about the Paris catacombs it’s called as above so below ….

  4. It’s my 27th birthday 6th July and I’m messaging on the 7th so I would SUPER LOVE a shout out Che. Pwease? You and Rebecca are my favs. I could listen to you two for ages with your stories. You both make me laugh and put a smile on my face. Thankies.

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