Top 10 Mysterious Locked Boxes That Should Never Be Opened
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Top 10 Mysterious Locked Doors That Can Never Be Opened

When you come across a mysterious locked box, what is your first instinct? Mine is to probably leave it there because I don’t want to know what’s inside but then there are a bunch of people who are very curious. Unfortunately, those people are putting themselves at risk of getting seriously injured or harmed. So yeah, I think it’s best if you just let the box be.

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  1. It’s seems pretty cruel to lock a doll in a glass case it you know its somehow alive. How would you like to be stuck in a box for 50 years

  2. In the case of haunted items, they’re not locked away to keep you from getting them, they’re locked away to keep them from getting you.

  3. The most terrifying thing in this video is when Landon says Edinburgh (6:05).
    It’s absolutely horrific.
    It takes real commitment to mess it up that badly.

  4. I woulda been really creeped out if the time capsal letter didnt end in “savages”…..
    DEF troll!!!?

  5. And NO the woman who is the “caretaker” of Robert the doll is a fn nutbag who frequently takes him out and chills wit him!! I forgot where i saw it but she was fn nuts!!!! Sayin how cute he was and that he was lonely…. REALLY weird!!!?

  6. Can you make a top 10 Memphis urban legends video or anything regarding Memphis. I was born in Memphis so I think it would make for an interesting video.

  7. How do you know that a mysterious lockbox shouldn’t be opened until you open it? Fear itself can kill. If the Ark of the covenant and The Ten Commands is real, then why would God The all-knowing give it to stupid humans in the first place? On The Dark Web, how do you know that they are telling the truth? I know of only One Dybbuk Box. A Dybbuk was an evil spirit summoned by three Jewish women during a seance to rid Poland of the Nazis. Causing the final solution The Dybbuk Box was an attempted to stop it There is a lot of information about it All you have to do is find? Google it

  8. How is that non of these things happened in Poland? I’m just sitting here and wondering if I’m lucky or nah?

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