Top 10 Mysterious Hieroglyph’s That Still Can’t Be Translated
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The fact there were people that existed way way before us that spoke and wrote in languages we will never know or understand blows my mind. What if they knew something really profound that we still don’t know? I mean its a gap in the system for sure. We like to think we’ve cracked most of the pasts secrets but the truth is we haven’t at all. So lets get into talking about more things we don’t know about, this is the top 10 Mysterious Hieroglyphs That Still Can’t Be Translated.

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  1. Just imagine what our descendents hundreds of years from now would think of our emojis and text abbreviations….lol….???????

  2. I really do hate that soundtrack you all use for your creepy and suspenseful lists, that noise gets to a certain annoying pitch that it is hard to concentrate and hear you. This is obviously the intention behind the creator of the track but seriously we have to get a replacement heh.

  3. You don’t have to bleep out the words we know what Ayman said. Somethings we are not to know!

  4. 5:37 im making a guess and guessing its what the people died to or their spiritual animals

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