Top 10 Scary Dexter’s Laboratory Theories
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Cartoon Network was my GO TO when i was young, i didn’t have Disney Channel for the longest time so Cartoon Network is all i watched. When i woke up and had breakfast before primary school, when i got home, Powerpuff girls, codename kids next door, ed edd and eddy like i could go on. But today’s video unravels our favorite 4ft red headed boy genius. And unlike Deedee not pressing that button, you guys should definitely go ahead and press that subscribe button. This is the Top 10 Scary Dexter’s Laboratory Theories.

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  1. I have a scary story, One day in 2016 I was walking at like 6 or 7 pm and I was walking to buy things from the grocery store when a robber stopped me and told me to hand everything over but good thing I had my flip knife in my pocket I usually keep it just Incase an animal or something important so I stabbed him in the leg and his right arm and he shot at me with his left arm and I ran as fast as possible until I was breathing really hard because I needed a deep breath I couldn’t breathe and than the police came and never found him and from that day forward I never seen that man again

  2. Dexter views his dad as an incompetent imbecile because he kind of is, I still think the funniest Dexter’s Lab episode was when Dexter and Mandark’s dads got into a fight “did you just throw a duck at me?” ?

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