Top 10 Scary Childhood Memory Stories – Part 2
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet! I am your host Rebecca Felgate and we are back with the scary childhood memory stories – you loved part one… sooo…part two is ON! You also seemed to like my personal stories so I have out three in for you! Let me know if you have any scary childhood memory stories of your own!

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  1. When I was 8 I lived in a trailer with a mile wide thickette of woods around the trailer. One day I went walking by myself to the Apple orchard near the middle of the woods. I usual did this with my brother but I was by myself this specific time I got to the orchard and picked a couple apples. Suddenly this stone staircase to nowhere popped up. I started backing up at this point then I saw some sorta being standing on top of the staircase. I froze about 10 ft from this “alien”I couldn’t. Run or anything.. Then it started walking towards me then disappeared when it got in front of me I got dizzy and sat down for just a minute and I was back at the entrance of the woods. Confused I went back inside and told my mom come to find out she had a similar experience when she was 8 but in a separate woods.. Weirdest thing to ever happen I never saw that being again. We moved shortly there after and to this day I have no idea what I saw in those woods.

  2. this is going to be a long story but 2 years ago at around January i was home alone like usually and i was just on my bed watching tv until i heard someone open the back door of my porch and it was 10 o clock at night (the porch was quiet big we couldve s put a lot of stuff there) i heard some one open the back door which is pretty weird because only me and my friend knew how to open the back door since its kinds broken but i heard the door slam really hard i was with my little brother at the time and he supposedly didnt hear anything so i went and see the window which allows me to see the porch theres was no one there and the weird thing is i didnt hear the door open again because i assume the person who was there to open it again to leave out of the porch but no, no one was there and no one stole anything so i went outside and grabbed a knife because i was scared out of my mind (i was like 13 at the time) and i grabbed a flash light i didnt see anything, all i saw was pure dark but yet i heard leaves crumbling like someone was walking really slow and when i tried facing the flash light towards the noise all i saw was a dark figure i couldnt make out anything he was just there i knew it wasnt my friends because he isnt allowed to go out after 8, and that wasnt the first time i saw something like that one time when me and my cousin was coming back to his place (which was my next door neighbor at the time) we saw a dark figure on his stairs so we ran towards it and the figure started running and we followed it and it disappeared, it wasnt really possible for the person to go out of our sight so fast because it was open field i was like 10 at the time when that situation happen, but to this day idk who that person was or wanted not even my mom believes me what happen in the porch and 2 days after that porch situation i made sure to lock the back door and on the same day… at around the same time i heard the door slam again i was freaked out of my mind and this time my parents were there but sleeping and i was the only one awake, thankso anyone who took their time too read my story i havent really told anyone this because i was afraid people will think im delusional im 15 rn and luckily moved out of that house

  3. My mom died on November 2nd 1991 when I was 8 years old. My cousin Catie was born a few years later and when she was just a baby she had a medical emergency that put her in NICU for some time. One night her vitals crashed hardcore and set off all sorts of alarms and got everyone running to her room. As they were approaching the door a brunette woman in turquoise scrubs with her hair in a long thick braid just like my mom burst out of her room and hurried down the hallway. My aunt Tammy said she looked so much like my mom it was startling. She tried chasing after the woman but she was unable to catch up before she turned a corner. Tammy turned the same corner but she was gone. All the doors were locked in that area and there was nowhere to hide but she’d just vanished. When she got back to Catie’s room she was just fine and clutched in her little fist was an elastic ponytail holder like the kind my mom used to hold her braid and it had a few long brown hairs tangled in it. To this day my aunt Tammy swears my mom made a quick trip back from the grave to save my cousin from beyond the grave because the doctors were left puzzled because her vitals had crashed in such a way that requires certain injections and equipment to reverse, it wouldn’t have just dissipated on it’s own and yet she was just fine. There’s a rule about no elastic hair ties or scrunchies in the NICU so they couldn’t figure out how my cousin got ahold of that ponytail holder. To this day my aunt Tammy swears my mom made a quick trip back from the grave to save my cousin from beyond the grave. Please use this in part 3

  4. Why are all your new videos titled “scary”? Most are interesting but not scary, kinda click baity and annoying.

  5. Once, I was probably nine at most, I had lost something, I forget what. I decided to look under my bed, but I didn’t have a flashlight, so i couldn’t see anything. Then, suddenly, the colors turned inverse, and all of the black shadows were yellow, like a bright yellow, and I saw my cat. I had just seen her in the kitchen on a chair. I got scared and left my room. A minute later I went back with a flashlight to see what had happened, and there was my cat, in the exact same position.

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