Top 10 Scary Possession Stories
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Possession stories are great in my opinion, not great for the person being possessed but great for people on the outside. I mean i personally love documentaries about them, films about them scare the heck out of me but all in all it is a good time. So lets talk about it. This is the Top 10 Scary Possession Stories.

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  1. i have tourettes and was forced through a Pentecostal form of exorcism one night at a church service tourettes is 1 of the 3 main medical conditions that gets mistaken for demon possession the other 2 being epilepsy and schizophrenia

  2. Can’t you find something better to say that “what’s gucci?” Sounds so stupid and makes me leave every video you post.

  3. I feel sorry for all the people with mental illnesses that died because stupid people thought they needed an exorcism.

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