Top 10 Scary Stories That Will Make You Question Reality – Part 4
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing channel on the internet – I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today we are talking the Top 10 Scary Stories that will make you question your reality part 4! Yes 4! You guys are loving this series and we are loving a good old slice of reality questioning… To be honest, while we think we have a grasp of reality right now, 20,000 years ago people believed solar eclipses were as a result of a sun deity eating the moon…so… it goes to show our perception and understanding of reality is always shifting. A few things before we get into the video – If you have ever questioned the Most Amazing reality, check out our Most Amazing Instagram for a behind the scenes look at what life is like here. Links are in the description box. I also want to ask you guys if you have any of your own scary glitch in the matrix style stories? Has anything happened to make you question YOUR reality? Let me know! Do leave a thumbs up – stick around til the end

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  1. It was 2:00am and i was about going to bed but when i used the restroom about 5mins then i came out and it said 3am hmm weird

  2. I think the time froze for me I was on a school playing field and everything just stopped for a second and then started

  3. I’m 13 this happend with my perents I drove past a car but the day after on the way to school then I saw it the day after that again again again am still seeing that car I don’t understand how I always sea that car it drives past my house some times I see it every day

  4. Since I was little till now I have had a male voice following me calling my name when it’s really quiet. Recently they, bc idk what/who it is, have been knocking on my window and it’s getting louder.

  5. Hey it’s not Prescott it’s Prescuit I learned that when I lived in Arizona and they kind of yelled at me for calling it Prescott they call it Prescuit.

  6. I remember when this channel vids was scary. Now, not anymore.. No offens but you shouldnt use a person that fit for narrating a celebrity gossip show for narrating a scary video.. Trust me, the thrilling atmosphere are ruined, horribly..

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