Top 10 Scary Alleyway Stories
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Top 10 Scary Objects That Came From Space

Hey guys its Che again and we’ve an incredible video for you! I know all of us have felt scared walking home alone late at night and I’m going to promise you that this video is NOT going to make you feel any safer. We’ve got the top 10 scary ally way stories, now this one is a little more obscure, so I bet you’ll never guess what we put as number one. As always make sure you like, comment, subscribe and hit the little notification bell. So without any further ado look over your shoulder to see if your being followed and lets get started.

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  1. Where’s Danny 😖😭. He’s cool he’s just kinda awkward but its his first video alone

  2. Can y’all pls stop comparing this man to Danny? I’m sure Danny doesn’t appreciate compliments that uplifts him by stepping on other people’s necks. Calm down.

  3. This guy is a nice addition. But MAT10 (Most Amazing Top 10) isn’t going to be the same without Danny

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