Top 10 Scary Farm Stories
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When I was a kid, my family used to take me out to a farm where you could pet the animals – it was really nice, I like farms – I never thought there was anything creepy about them until I started working on this video. Now it all makes sense. Farms can be nice places – but they can also be isolated – dark – old – mysterious – the perfect places for creepy things to go down. I find some stories that will show you exactly what I’m talking about. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Farm Stories.

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  1. 10:27 I kinda wanna know where in Ohio cuz I live in Ohio and near me there’s some old decrepit barn lol.

  2. The one with the black horse in the storm has way too much detail for something that happened to a supposed little kid in the early 90s. Calling Bull on that one.

  3. A farm story real story I was lived with my dad me and him went hunting and when we came back all of the pig, chicken, and cows were all Dead and we moved to a new farm after that

  4. So there’s an abandoned farm literally right next to my neighborhood. I went there with a friend. So we found a pile of dear skulls. And then there was a radio playing. No one is there. We found a caved in roof. It wasn’t even caved in before. We went to a place with hay and my friend just got the feeling like he was being watched. I also broke a bottle and when I was there it mysteriously formed back together. It was weird. As Soon as we left, the music got louder. His phone fell on concrete and we would’ve heard it fall. We went back and got it. Then we left

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