Top 10 Scary Teacher Stories
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Welcome back everyone – I think good teachers should be praised and rewarded – and there are many of them out there. Sometimes though, it only takes a few bad apples to spoil the bunch. Lets take a look at some real stories about terrible teachers. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Teacher Stories …

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  1. my worst teacher was also my best teacher whom would slam a stupidly huge book on the desk next to any sleeping childs head hahahaha. good times good times

  2. Yeah there were a couple of teachers when I was in school that tried to make a name for themselves. It didn’t work like they thought it oughta. One of the teachers car wound up on the roof of the school building Another one was found in the trunk of their car (alive and well mind ya) after being missed by family and friends over a long three day week end, but I think the worse one was when Mr. Lucas was dropped off at the emergency entrance… from the top floor of the hospital.
    Sometimes it doesn’t pay to be rude, hateful and mean to children that are going to grow up and remember you being like that. If your only goal in life is mistreating, harming, oppressing and demeaning a child… do all of us a favor and blow your brains out. We can live without more of you.

  3. I had an absolute b-word in the 4th and 5th grade and get this it was a Christian school! She was not caring – not in the least – when I’d get relentlessly bullied in front of her. She instead would have me punished for outbursts that she knew were provoked. I wished I had listened to my dad’s advice about ignoring bullies before I was a senior in high school not after. Mrs. Hanel might have liked me a little more if I had

  4. I had a teacher I had a teacher in second grade she was mean I only speak Spanish and then she said I was making faces how other people who named mrs. Galindo she literally got pissed off with me she

  5. If they are my teacher, I will make sure they will have 2 black eyes, 10 scratches, 20 broken bones, make sure they rot in hospital, rot in hell and burn in hell. This is called turst for vengeance

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