Top 10 Scary Cemetery Worker Stories
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If I had to try and scare myself as quickly as possible, I probably wouldn’t put on a horror film, Id probably go to the nearest graveyard. There’s just something unnerving about them, especially when you’re alone. Well, imagine being a cemetery worker – its literally their job to be alone, in a cemetery, at night. Sounds like my kinda nightmare. Will it now be yours too? Lets find out – I’m Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Cemetery Worker Stories.

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  1. I’ve lived next to a cemetery and now across the road. They dont scare me but creepy stuff does happen. This is more sinister than creepy. Loving the scary videos…the more creepy the better especially this close to Halloween. Best channel great work again Danny xo

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  3. Some of my favorite childhood memories are at the cemetery. My father was the caretaker at both of the cemeteries in town and I would play while he cut grass, etc. It was very peaceful.

  4. Me personally I didn’t find this video scary except for a few but u didn’t experience those events first hand. I want to be a paranormal investigator so I would want to work as a cemetery worker (not alone)

  5. As a teenager I worked in a cemetery, once I had to rebuilt a crushed tomb exposing the bones of the people resting to the air. So I did and noticed there were 2 names on the tombstone but 3 people buried there. My chief told me “don’t ask and to the job”… I still think that something’s not right there…

    R.E. House

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