Top 10 Scary Parallel Universe Stories
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Welcome back everyone to Most Amazing Top 10. Today were gonna talk about Parallel universes. If you’re a bit of a skeptic, you may lump this in with the supernatural – parallel universes aren’t real and if people think they’ve been to one, there’s probably a very rationale explanation, right? Sound familiar? Here’s the thing though, if were being technical, there is nothing that says parallel universes cant exist – in fact a leading scientific theory promotes the concept of the multiverse, where infinite versions of reality exist side by side in another dimension. On top of that, these stories are pretty creepy – absolute bonus – my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Parallel Universe Stories.

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  1. Parallel universes are real it’s the governments trying to cover it up ? btw what is with the Spanish people from multiple dimensions

  2. #6 sounds very similar to my own hypothesis regarding time space. According to this hypothesis, in any event where one just barely evades tragedy “By the skin of the teeth.” the individual actually encountered a tremendous divergence in the times-space pathways we all navigate. In these instances, they are very Schroedinger’s poor cat, being both alive and dead/maimed at the same time, the split being so strong that an alternate two versions of the person were present, the one who walked/limped away and the one who didn’t.

    It would seem to me that, somehow, this person may have actually encountered BOTH endings instead of strictly the one where they received the lesser injuries.

    Granted this is all speculation, but I find it far more likely than someone simply “seeing an
    an alternate future”.

  3. 9:29 I remember having something similar to this, where i was fighting with my sister and thought I heard my dad yell for us to stop fighting. He works at home almost every other week so for this to happen seemed possible but when I told my sister I would stop bugging them because of our dad they looked at me confused and laughed when they said dad wasn’t home. sure enough I went upstairs and he wasn’t, I just considered it an auditory hallucination where I knew what I was doing was wrong and my brain was just influencing me to cut it out. nevertheless it was weird.

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