Top 10 Scary Parallel Universe Stories – Part 2
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There’s just something about parallel universes. Even if you don’t believe they exist or that we can’t pass between them – these stories from real people are fascinating to hear, and of course, pretty creepy indeed.
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  1. Do you think these stories are real? If you haven’t watched part 1, then watch it here ->

  2. When I was 16 living in Hershey Pennsylvania I went to our local McDonald’s. McDonalds was the high school “hang out” spot for for our school don’t ask me why.. Anyways, I walked in and saw my friend Jeff as a cashier. I thought that was cool and asked for a discount (which I didn’t get) I ate my food and left. Everything was normal. Then the next day I went back and ordered an ice cream cause they’re only a dollar I asked if Jeff had off today. She asked me “who?” I said Jeff ******* he’s in our AP chemistry (I also knew this cashier). She said ohhh, him. Yeah, he doesn’t work here. I told her I just saw him yesterday.. She said nope.. the line was building up so I left but I was baffled and wanted to ask more.. I called Jeff and he laughed at me.. thinking it was a joke. I got mad at him because I know I saw him.. like he was there.. he told me he was at his girlfriend’s right after school yesterday and was there the whole day.. can anyone explain this? It sounds like one of these stories…

  3. I live in a village, and right beside our village is a rather big wood. Every summer my friends and I would spend most days climbing the moutain to get to a Feild locals call, devils Feild as there’s rumors it’s where the witches used to be hung in the past.

    In the clearing there was a really long wall, and a very visable house that was all old and made from cobble stone, my friends and I would mess around it before going behind it onto the deer paths.

    But for the past year, we are unable to find it. And it’s starting to weird us out, as we know exactly where it is, and in these woods it’s near to impossible to get lost.
    One day the house was there and the next- it was gone. It wasn’t knocked down or anything of the sort, as there was not even debree and it’s impossible to bring trucks up the moutain to move anything, right next to it was also a huge hole in the ground, which also vanished. It baffles my friends and I to this day, to the point we searched everywhere in the woods one day for a whole 7 hours yet still could not find it.
    It has been a year since then and still no sign of the house, though it seems I’m the only one who remembers it clearly out of all my friends. Weird part, the wall is still there, and now where the house used to be there’s just a very big patch of nettles, so you can’t even go through to the deer paths anymore

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