Top 10 Scary Gut Feeling Stories
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Have you ever had that feeling in the pit of your stomach that something just isn’t quite right? You don’t know where its coming from – you can’t even explain it to anyone else – but you can sense that something is going to go badly – for you – for your family, your friends or maybe even someone you don’t even know. Have you ever acted on that feeling? Have you ever trusted your gut? I found some creepy stories of people who did – and it may have saved them. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Gut Feeling Stories.

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  1. On the my Mom and I weny for our citizenship exam, I had a guy feeling and a vision in my mind of a dark masculine figure jumping in front of a train… on the way to the exam the train suddenly stopped and we had to be evacuated. The conductor said that someone has jumped in front of the train. I was so freaked out and been quiet for the rest of the day.

  2. Once I woke up late at night and just as I walked out to the kitchen because I had a gut feeling to my birth father was drunk and about to stab my brother with a knife and I saved him by throwing a lamp at my father.

  3. I once got a guy feeling. Then I saw on the news that a man tried to kill himself and his son. I can’t remember if they made it out or not.

  4. When I was in elementary school I lived in a old neighborhood where few of the houses had driveways. As such most people parked their cars on the street. My parents were one of those people. One day my dad was leaving the house to go to work when He saw an unfamiliar car. The motor was running and a man was just sitting behind the wheel listening to loud music. According to my dad, something told him that this man was up to no good and was most likely looking abduct one of the neighborhood kids as they made there way to the school bus stop. My dad than ran at man ready for a confrontation. The man in the car upon seeing my dad charging at him instead drove away.

  5. I’m here 🌈 granny .. I live my beautifully children we will go home soon child good 🌙 .. RBG

  6. Not me, but my mother.
    My mother told me that, back in the late 80’s when I was a baby, she was picking me up from my babysitter, there was this street off our usual route home and my mother had always been curious as to what was down that street since she didn’t live in the area of town my babysitter lived in. She decided that day that, for fun, we would go down it…but, when she got to the stoplight at the intersection, she had a feeling of dread and drove us home.
    She found out from the news later that night that there was an active shooter down that road who had been shooting passing cars, but was taken down by police. If we had gone down the road when we were at the intersection, my mother and I would have most likely been killed.
    Remembering that day still gives her chills.

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