Top 10 Scary Exorcism Stories
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Hello top 10 fans! I want to introduce myself, my names Che Durena and I’m new to the top 10 family. I’m going to get into my inaugural we are going to be getting into some of the weirdest, most bizarre and some of the scariest exorcist stories we could find. So if you like creepy demonic forces doing everything from tearing your life apart to giving you super-human abilities you gotta check out this this of top 10 scariest exorcisms. Make sure you like this video, subscribe and tell me what your favorite scary movie is.

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  1. Dude don’t listen to haters anyways listen u actually did pretty good for the first time

  2. My favourite scary movie?…. “The Exorcist”

    And a nightmare on elm street
    Welcome to the channel mate!

  3. I’m excited to see a new host and see what he’ll bring to the table but like many I’ll miss Danny Burk…..

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