Top 10 Scary Bermuda Triangle Stories
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Hello and welcome back to the Most Amazing Channel on the internet. I am your host Rebecca Felgate and today I am talking the Top 10 Scary Bermuda Triangle Stories. Ahhh, the Bermuda Triangle! Such a classic! I am surprised we haven’t done this video before! So, I am sure you have all heard of the Bermuda Triangle… it is 500 thousand square miles of ocean between Miami, Puerto Rico and Bermuda and over the years has been a hot spot for strange occurrences and the disappearances of nearly 1000 people. What is going on? Well…. stay tuned for ten scary stories from the area… Before we get into that, though, I want to ask you what you think the mystery is? Is it magic, aliens or just bad weather…let me know in the comments section down below.

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  1. It’s simple science actually it’s the magnetic field bringing the boats and airplanes down to the ocean I forgot how the magnetic field works and that area but it supposed to be way different

  2. If I were to guess: The Bermuda Triangle is a paranormal hotspot. It couldn’t be supernatural because that’d just negate its existence, anything supernatural is beyond the realm of science, meaning it’s nonexistent.

  3. My old teacher was in the air force and flew in the Bermuda triangle. He said his plane started acting crazy and after that he never returned and refused

  4. I think there’s a group of spy saliors that are using the bermuda triangle myth as a way to “off” their targets and never get caught

  5. I’ve been saying we need to do a Thomas scary theories list! It is like a cult for toddlers! My nephew was obsessed. Anyway, whether it be alien, paranormal, magnetic or some type of physical thing we aren’t yet evolved to understand something is definitely up with the Bermuda Triangle.

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