Top 10 Scary Forest Ranger Stories
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I’m gonna presume that most of you guys live in a city or a town or a village – basically, you live near other people – you don’t live in the wilderness. In almost every country in the world, there are forests where nobody lives – sometimes, nobody even goes there – except for Forest Rangers. You may have a different name for them where you’re from – but its their job to go into the woods when nobody else will – to investigate disturbances and potentially save peoples lives. I found some of their most shocking tales for our video today – I hope you’re comfortable – my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Forest Ranger Stories …

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  1. We are all freaking out about demons and spirits of past humans modern monsters and sometimes even dogs and cats but we never think of the fact that there could be dinosaur spirits everywhere and we wouldn’t know

  2. Danny, the longer the video, the better it is! Your voice is somehow so comforting! And not just for me since my soon to be 18 year old tuxedo loves it too. Videos with you or Hellfreezer send Andy into a super LOUD purr session! Hmmm…

  3. Your lip looks jacked up! ???. You haven’t been kissing Rebecca Fellate have you? You don’t want a scorching dose…

  4. Im from one the malaysian state in the borneo island.
    Once, i went to Bako National Park, nothing exciting happened. After we log out, one of park ranger said u probably will meet one of the spirit of a park ranger who died in park. He still roamed the park performing his duties even in his death. A good spirit he said bcos the spirit was known to guide lost trekkers or visitors back to the right trails….

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