Top 10 Cursed Treasures That Ended Lives
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When I say treasure, you probably think of a good thing – finding gold or jewels or perhaps some ancient scroll of wisdom. Treasure is valuable by its very nature – that means the people who buried it want it protected – throughout history, there have been tales of people willing to put curses on their treasure in order to stop unwanted hands from getting hold of it. Even if you don’t believe in curses – these stories are too strange and creepy to ignore – my name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Cursed Treasures That Ended Lives

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  1. Please do top 10 Oregeon urban legend video on here Oregon has a lot of good urban legends over here I can’t think of any right now put Oregon has very good ones big time please please please please do my home town for a naxt video on here and I love your videos a lot they are sooo good on here and keep up the hard work making your videos on here guys you rock hard big time

  2. I’ve always wondered if someone doesn’t know of a curse, does it still happen or not? Like, with King Tut’s curse. If someone unknowingly sells to another person who doesn’t know about it, does the curse still effect those people and their relatives?

  3. I love learning about the Egyptians. I love watching this channel. Can you please give me a shoutout in a future video? My name isJulia Kneisley.

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