Top 10 Mysterious Places In California
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What do you guys know about California? I only went once when I was a kid to check out Disneyland, so all California is to me is over price hot dogs and my mom puking on roller coasters. But there’s obviously so much more they have good weed, nice beaches, famous people and don’t forget about the good weed. But through all the good stuff there are some pretty strange things tucked behind the curtain and Its my job to find the ten best and put them on a list for you, that’s why I bring you today’s list of top 10 mysterious places in California.

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  1. 6:21 what you doing in the backseat baby girl come on hop up front I got a lollipop for you to suck on….

    “Pushes button on radio”
    ?Slob On My Knob?
    ?Like corn on the cob?
    ?Check in with me?
    ?And do your job?

  2. My 10th grade history teacher was stationed in California while in the Navy during the Vietnam War. He would always refer to Cali as “Land of the free, home of the weird”.

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