Top 10 Scary Mysterious People Without A Past
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Now whats more mysterious than someone you don’t know anything about? Better yet whats more mysterious than someone who doesn’t know anything about themselves? They say the past teaches you everything you need to know about the present and id quote someone wise who said that and im sure they did but i also just kind of made that up right now. Who are these people who don’t know anything? How dare they walk around like big question marks among the most curious species on earth? Lets find out. I feel like i just intro-ed an animal planet documentary but either way, this is the Top 10 Scary Mysterious People Without A Past.

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  1. I personally think that number 8,the old man was being experimented on by an evil surgeon illegally,and the trauma of the pain was so much that he lost his mind,and was abandoned by the surgeon. Feel sad for him!

  2. okay so while i was watching this video my speakers made this weird noise(I was using my headphones). i saw that they were on and i was a little confused because i didn’t think that they were plugged in. so i decided to check the cord. i found that my speakers weren’t plugged into any audio ports, wall outlets or any other energy source. i still can’t figure out how they are on. they are still on btw.