Top 10 Mysterious Places In North America – Part 2
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So a few weeks ago I chopped together a list of some of the most mysterious places in North America. Well it turns out that you guys really liked it and that there are a bunch of other strange corners of Mexico, Canada and America that’s why I’ve put together today’s list of top 10 mysterious places in north america part 2. This list is going to have just as many of the weird monsters that have never been spotted and the places that sound like they were pulled out of a Steven king movie.

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  1. Just out of curiosity why only show 1or 2 pics and no vids of the actual creatures form different angles or at least sound affect. Now how about some positive feed back?? I think your awesome because you want to make the views happy. You have a a sense of humor I think that’s cool. And your not real annoying. Some of the hosts show themselves too much and then a bunch of dumb cartoons instead of vids and pics of actual content on the header. Anyhoo, Thank you???♥️?️?❣️? ??

  2. Just a little bit of info for ya Che, for the methane gas leaking out the ground to explode it would have to be under pressure. Now since the gas is leaking out, i am fairly certain there is no pressure present,or enough pressure to cause an explosion. Just a thought, nothing more, nothing less.

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