Top 10 Scary Mythological Gods In History
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Okay the reason i love mythical gods is because they can have as many cool powers or abilities as possible, without being real and able to hurt you so you can just admire them from afar with no fear. Learning about all the Roman, Greek and Egyptian gods in school was the reason why i loved history so much. Even though that was just like 5% of the content but still. I was enjoying. And now you’re gonna enjoy, these are the Top 10 Scary Mythological Gods in History.

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  1. How is the God from the Old testament not number 1? He’s more barbaric than anyone on this list. He drowned the entire earth and killed everyone cause his creations weren’t acting like he wanted them to (so he failed as creator then ?‍♂️).

  2. I wouldn’t want to mess with any of these gods love your videos I can’t wait for the next video

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