Top 10 Scary Messages Found In Attics
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Hey everyone! Welcome back to Most Amazing Top 10 I’m Che Durena and we’re back with some scary countdowns. What’s the scariest room in the house? If were not counting the pile of unmarked VHS’s in your parents’ closet, then I would probably say attic. Now what could be some of the scariest things you could find up there? Well probably like a you from the future but he’s bald and being like “You’re about to make a grave mistake also can I have 30 dollars.” But besides that I would say unknown messages from unknown people. Make sure you stick around for number one because it is freak, now let’s get into it.

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  1. Hey, we had a tome stone in our basement. The got matching stones later but never wasted anything. It said Baby Boy Stephens.

  2. Come on show us the full part of that first video of that scary person sitting down in someone’s attic of it really is real

  3. you neglected to mention why Blanche was locked in the attic by her mother … it’s a sad , horrifying story that persists to be out of the ordinary

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