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Top 10 Scary Avengers Theories
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What is going to be the biggest movie event of the year?! If you answered anything other then Avengers: Endgame then your so far off. I already got my early screening ticket, my pockets are gonna be fully a skittles and recess pieces. If the ticket kid is like “you can’t bring outside food” I’m going to suplex him, don’t be a hero. But because this movie is such a big deal there have been so many theories about what’s going to happen. We scoured the internet to find the scariest ones for this list of Top 10 scariest Avengers Endgame theories. I want to give you a heads up and tell you that there will be spoilers for previous Marvel movies in this video. As always make sure you like, comment, subscribe and hit the little notification bell.

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  1. You honestly believe anything the Russo brothers say while leading up to a new MCU film? Risky. They are masters of disinformation. Just ask Tom Holland or Mark Ruffalo.

  2. Thanos actually did all this to impress Aunt May. And Peter is not really dead. It’s just that Thanos was showing May that he is a better magician than Dr. Strange

  3. I’m more excited about Joaquin Phoenix’s “The Joker” or Star Wars Episode 9, both for the laughs in the trailers. Che will be happy that Kylo Ren rebuilds his mask as he goes back to the Dark Side.

  4. Both of the mobile games I play regularly are Japanese APKs so. >>;; Not sure Bluestacks can help me with that. I’d have to look.

  5. Che, who is your favorite Marvel Character? In you opinion which is better Marvel or DC? And… Goku or Vegeta? Things I need to know since you’re new.

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