Top 10 Scary Alien Encounter Stories
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Whether or not you believe that aliens or extra terrestrial life exists, there are a ton of people who say that they have been abducted by aliens or have had close encounters. All of these stories are extremely strange and some of these people even say that they have physical proof that aliens exist. So before we jump into today’s video, I want to know, do you think aliens or other intelligent life forms exist on other planets? Let me know your thoughts down in the comment section.

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  1. The most disturbing story I’ve ever heard of is the guy that mixed his baby gravy with a chicken

  2. I heard cigar-shaped spaceship. There’s this unusual cigar-shaped object hurdling through our solar system right now.
    It’s origins have been officially concluded as interstellar.

  3. I think we are not the only living thinking organisms in this universe. I beleive that anything is possible when it comes to the unknown

  4. Bald, skinny, tall, velvet suit, strange language and holding a lighted object? Those aren’t aliens, those are just middle aged Californian men on cellphones. They were by the side of the road to walk their wive’s tiny dogs.

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