Top 10 Scary Messages From Hell
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This is gonna be a dark one, there’s no point sugar coating it. Sometimes people have near passing away experiences where they hang between the land of the living and the after life – of those people, some of them claim to have seen heaven – but some of them claim to have seen hell. Those are the people well be talking about today – these are their stories, see what you think of them, and what messages can be taken from them. My name is Danny Burke and this is the Top 10 Scary Messages From Hell.

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  1. When people are close to death, the brain produces a large amount of DMT which is highly hallucinogenic. It’s also secreted during dreams but not as much as during death.

  2. The one guy gets jolted awake and “dragged into Hell” but for some inexplicable reason,, looks at the time?? I call BS on that one! 😂😂😂
    Also,, lack of oxygen to the brain causes hallucinations.

  3. Sad for the woman who lives in fear and always thinking she has to earn her way to Heaven. I can’t earn my way to Heaven for Salvation is a gift of God through His Son Jesus Christ as an atonement for the sins committed since we rebelled against the Holy God who Love’s us. He loves us so much He allowed His Son to die for us and He went to Hell for us. Now that’s Love! How can we have anything less for Him. Am I perfect no, I still make mistakes, I still have to ask forgiveness for my sins. I love Jesus even if I died and went to Hell. That’s the way it is I have seen Christ’s action in my life He is who He says He is history declares it.

  4. Our brain is a freakin complicated thing, so when you believe in hell and are absolutely terrified by it, you will probably see it in a moment of a really deep stress. And when you are afraid of other stuff like disappearing or your drunk dad, you’ll probably will see no fire, no demons, no goat-headed men. It’s the culture and the life experience what matters. I for example hate small and tight spaces, so I was squeezed and unable to breathe. No godly hands showed up, those little traitors.

  5. People all over the world have had near death experiences. They always line up with whatever the religious beliefs of said person are. IE, Hindus have Hindu near death experiences, Muslims have Muslim near death experiences… etc, etc, etc.
    They are just stories, nothing more. The brain firing off randomly. Hallucinations.

    Right… dude has a nightmare and then uses it to sell books. Yeah, religious people aren’t gullible AAAAAT ALL…

    Storm… Sure, and he also sold books and got on all sorts of talk shows. There is no reason to believe anything he says happened, and I never believe anyone who claims they were an atheist that became religious.

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