Top 10 Mysterious Locked Doors That Should Never Be Opened – Part 2
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Some rooms are locked and sealed off from the public because something terrible happened in there or there are unforgiving ghosts that haunt the place. Whatever the reason, we should be smart enough to leave these mysterious locked doors sealed shut.

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  1. So you’re going to talk about the creepy painting? Hope you have good luck or a Momma that prays.

  2. The Cecil Hotel is also where serial killer Richard Ramirez lived and other killers. There’s s lot of suicides there also.

  3. I know a a door that`s locked and should NEVER opened…… a bathroom at a truck stop in the middle of nowhere.

  4. París catacombs are beautiful… Also people should know better than to go places they shouldn’t and are told not to go. But supervised visits during the day as part of a tour is safe. Just cause there are skulls there, as it is a burial ground technically, doesn’t mean it should be sealed off. Seal up regular graveyards then…. And morgues.. churches with crypts or reliquaries with saints or parts of them… Museums and universities too. Heck my stepdad has a human skull in his shed.

  5. Landon youre the best 🙂 how is your back doing ? I remember when you were not doing well : /

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